Basic services

Tax consulting calls for trust. Trust cannot just be cited, it has to be instilled. The trust of our clients is reflected by the fact that we have been operating successively in the market for over a quarter of a century. For which we are very grateful. The esteem in which our work is held creates the prerequisite for the continued success of our clients. For each individual one benefits from the range of knowledge which we have gathered over this period. That affords them the assurance that the basic services - accountancy, annual financial statement, tax return as well as wages and salaries - are in safe hands with us.

When preparing annual financial statements we attach importance to enterprise-compatible, future-oriented tax planning. In doing so we take care to adopt advance planning of tax optimization. We provide competitor benchmark figures from all sectors both for periods of less than a year and within the scope of the statement analysis. When preparing your tax return our profound specialist knowledge constitutes the most important precondition for the tax assessment. In view of the ever-changing legal parameters, also in respect of European legislation, we are entirely committed to looking after your tax interests. To this end one important consulting instrument is the lodging of appeals and taking legal proceedings against administrative decisions by tax authorities.

We offer our clients the following advisory services:

Annual financial statement / tax returns

  • Commercial and tax-based annual financial statements as well as profit and loss accounts with notes
  • Cash based accounts
  • Balancing of accounts with assets analysis and ratios
  • Balance sheet notes
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Opening balance sheet
  • Interim balance sheet
  • Statement of assets and liabilities
  • Business and private tax returns
  • Representation vis-à-vis tax authorities during tax investigation up to the assertion of your tax rights


  • Preparation of current financial                 
  • Ledgerless accounting and
    cost center analysis
  • Dunning  
  • Turnover tax advance return
  • Business assessment
  • Target-performance comparison

Wages and salaries

  •  Wage and salary accounting                   
  •  Keeping of payroll accounts
  •  Statements
  • Preparation of and assistance in
    examinations regarding social security
    and wage income tax