Individual advice

The quality of discriminating advice secures your present and future aims in life, so that you are able to realize your capabilities and visions to the best advantage.

With us you will not find any patent remedies. On principle our concepts are based on a holistic analysis of your life and business situation. Our advisory services embrace both strategic issues such as founding a company and finding a successor and very concrete operative questions such as investment, financing and capital procurement. In cooperation with auditors and attorneys we also incorporate the results of their analyses into our considerations.

We offer our clients the following individual advisory services:

  • Advice on setting up business for individual businesses, incorporated and unincorporated firms
  • Drawing up of business plans
  • Preparing for loan discussions with banks and rating check
  • Profitability calculations
  • Financing advice
  • Investment advice
  • Private and business capital formation or procurement
  • Setting up costing and controlling systems
  • Gifts and inheritance
  • Assisting the subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Wills
  • Executor and health care proxy
  • Proprietor succession planning
  • Private business and asset planning
  • Purchase, sale or valuation of business enterprises
  • Personal asset and pension scheme planning
  • Business consulting
  • Rating and Basle II
  • Balancing of accounts in accordance with IAS / IFRS in cooperation with auditors
  • Insolvency and recapitalization